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14.12.2007, 20:29

DoomRL -- call for DOS port help (FreePascal) (Developers)

I just noticed that Kornel Kisielewicz has dropped support for the DOS version of Doom: The Roguelike a while back due to various developer issues. After e-mailing and chatting with him, he says he needs various issues sorted out first:

1). a working FreePascal program that compiles under FreePascal 2.2.0 with Lua 5.0.3

2). FreePascal 2.2.0 for DOS

3). proper Lua 5.0.3 bindings for FreePascal GO32V2 target

DoomRL is not open source, but he would load the src to whomever is willing to help port it back to DOS again. As is, he's too busy fixing the game to try to overcome these issues alone.

He says there are license issues that prevent him from statically linking Lua, though, so a .DXE or .DLL might be necessary. (Yes, there is a Win32 port of DoomRL, but I think I tried it a while back in HX, and it didn't work, doh!) So maybe that might be the ideal option, but I dunno.

I figured it's worth a shot asking you guys (some of whom have used FreePascal) if you could maybe help him. At the very least, maybe you'll like the game! :-D


old DOS binary:

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