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22.08.2007, 01:26

FreeBASIC version 0.18.1b released (Announce)

coderJeff has released FreeBASIC version 0.18.1b for all major platforms (Win32, Linux, DOS) on 13 August 2007.


Most significant changes are:

- Strings and User Defined Types (structures) are passed default BYREF
  in the -lang fb compiler dialect, and all other data types are
  passed default BYVAL. This is different from both fbc-0.17 and
  fbc-0.16versions of the compiler.
- Due to a name mangling bug in v0.17b, most FreeBASIC libraries must
  be recompiled to work correctly.

For a detailed list of bug fixes and improvements, see the 0.18.1b Change Log.

Know your limits.h

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