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14.06.2008, 15:15
(edited by DOS386, 15.06.2008, 07:59)


I encountered an application linking to AVICAP32.DLL :-) but regrettably HX doesn't provide such so brewed my own:

; *** AVICRAP.ASM ***

; Faked / dummy AVICRAP.DLL / AVICAP32.DLL | Based on DeLL HELL example
; (CL) Copyleft 2008 by DOS386 , Public Domain - ABUSE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!
; Compile with FASM -> AVICRAP.DLL (1.5 KiB) -> AVICAP32.DLL to activate ;-)
; Requires "EXPORT.INC" from FASMW package
; Imports and fixups/relox are deleted for obvious reason ;-)

include "EXPORT.INC"

format PE GUI 4.0 DLL on "AVISTUB.BIN" as "DLL"
entry  llentry

section '.code' code readable executable

llentry:  xor  eax,eax     ; &
          inc  eax         ; & MOVNTQ EAX,1
          ret  12          ; Throw away 3 arguments :-D

CrapWin:  xor  eax,eax     ; Return handle 0 -> if you don't like it, just F*** OFF ;-)
          ret  32          ; Throw away 8 arguments

section '.edata' export data readable

export 'AVICAP32.DLL',CrapWin,'capCreateCaptureWindowA'


Yeah ... just 10 lines of code and one compiler needed to get the DLL :clap:

My version is 100 times less bloated, [image] times more free and 99% compatible to the original ... the only marginal difference is, that it doesn't "open the capture window" :ok:

Maybe good idea to add to HX ? :hungry:

DL (3.73 KiB)

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***

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