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Berlin, Germany,
24.10.2008, 22:48

Yasm version 0.7.2 available (Announce)

The Yasm developers have released Yasm version 0.7.2 on 08 October 2008.

Home page:

Changes from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2:
? Add PIC support to 64-bit Mach-O (#141).
? Add --prefix and --suffix options for naming globals (#132).
? Make "rel foo wrt ..gotpc" generate GOTPCREL in elf64 (alias for "rel foo wrt ..gotpcrel").
? Add support for newly specified AVX/AES instructions not in original spec.
? Remove invalid 256-bit form of VPBLENDVB.
? Optimize non-strict push with 66h override to byte size if possible.
? Fix address printing in bin map file.
? Fix GAS syntax handling of no section flags (#148).
? Name the absolute symbol in coff/win32/win64 output (#153).
? Miscellaneous other fixes.

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