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09.05.2009, 08:32
(edited by DOS386, 09.05.2009, 10:49)

[BOXING] BOCHS 2.4 released 2009-05-03 (Announce)

The BOCHS team released version 2.4 of the BOCHS emulator :-)

What's new:

> Added graphical Bochs debugger frontend for most of the supported platforms.

seems not to break anything ...

> Many bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (both x86 and x86-64).

Knowing that many bugs got fixed is good, having some examples would be even better ...

> Closed bug: [2129223] MOV reg16, SS not working in real mode due to dead code

Sadly it works for me in both 2.4 and 2.3.7 ... oops, this one was INVALID :clap: ... but why do they boast with it then ??? :confused:

> VBE video memory increased to 16 MB

The (non-mallicious) faulty VESA mode is still in.

> implemented changeable VBE LFB base address
> (PCI only, requires latest BIOS and VGABIOS images)

OK ...

> dpmild32: import not found: MapDialogRect
> dpmild32: file USER32.dll
> dpmild32: C:\WSOCK32.dll: cannot resolve imports

New unresolved import, ignoring helps :-) ... but why "C:\WSOCK32.dll" ??? :confused: I can find this import request in USER32.DLL only ...

> 17FB68 17FE90 0 0 18042E 12E274 USER32.dll
> 17FEE4 1803C8 12E2C8 1803C8 1EE MapDialogRect

It still works as 2.3.7 did, and I still have the problems with CTmouse 2.1b4 "sometimes" hanging and some VESA code not working ... don't know whether it's specific to usage in DOS, though :-|

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***



09.05.2009, 22:35

@ DOS386

[BOXING] BOCHS 2.4 released 2009-05-03

> The BOCHS team released version 2.4 of the BOCHS emulator :-)

Hm, it seems it doesn't like my machine. After upgrade I started getting this error after I pressed power button to exit VM. Also I can see emulated OS runs much slower than in previous 2.3.6. I tried more VMs, eg. freedos and linux and all crashes at exit. So I'm back to 2.3.6.


DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.



25.05.2009, 18:02

@ DOS386

[BOXING] BOCHS 2.4 released 2009-05-03

> The BOCHS team released version 2.4 of the BOCHS emulator :-)

Got it but hardly tested & not at all in HXDOS yet; looking at
the new model bochsrc config file did hint at some interesting
possibilities. Bochs can now use a text mode display, unless I'm
just confused by the comments. Could be intersting in HX.

Tried it, anybody ? Please tell us of your failed experiments/success
stories !


So little time...

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