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02.01.2010, 19:26

hx and gs8.70 : partial success! (DOSX)

> Hi at all,
> i've tried ghostscript 8.70 for win32 in conjunction with last hx work
> in progress..
> 1)the console version ghost32c can convert pdf files in others kinds of
> files (i.e. 256 colors png)
> 2)the print procedure seem work (but obviusly can't print cause loss
> of printers support in hx)
> 3) the command gswin32c name .pdf for display the content of pdf files
> don't work (see log file in attachment).
> May be for missing import in user32.dll : setscrollrange,
> setscrollpos,scrollwindow?
> Anyway, i've created a batch file for convert from pdf to 256 colors
> png, then call kpic program for display the png file (with panning
> and zoom) and delete png file at end of procedure.
> I hope in a patch of Hx for directly view the pdf context
> without external programs.
> Have a nice day..
> Roberto iw2evk
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> -- HTTP://


DPMILD32: unresolved import called

dkrnl32: exception 80000003, flags=0 occured at 97:2EB8
        ax=3FC bx=0 cx=0 dx=528
        si=1903F4 di=2E0360 bp=113EAB sp=1371980
dkrnl32: fatal exit!

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