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Robert Riebisch

My computer systems

Just for fun I created several pages about my computer systems on which all the development for BTTR Software takes place. The hardware equipment reports were taken from an excellent utility called 'System Speed Test'. It is available from our Links page.

My main machine 'Viper' at home is used for software development and playing tons of DOS-based games, e.g., Sid Meier's Civilization, Duke Nukem 3D, Formula One Grand Prix 2, or Transport Tycoon.

In 2002 I got an Acer Power P500DK desktop system from a customer, who did not need it anymore. Originally it was equipped with an Intel Pentium processor running at the speed of 100 MHz, two 4 Mbyte EDO SIMMs and a Fujitsu M1614TAU hard disk drive. I upgraded the system with a faster Pentium 200 w/o MMX (model P54CS), removed the two 4 Mbyte SIMMs and built in four 16 Mbyte modules. For less noise I replaced the CPU's heat sink/fan combination (also reduced to 5V), soldered a low-speed PAPST fan to the power supply and installed a more quiet Seagate Barracuda ATA IV drive. For networking purposes I installed a cheap Longshine LCS-8038TXRW5 (Realtek RTL8139D-based) card. I found an old D-Link DE-220 ISA NIC which has smaller network drivers. So the Longshine PCI NIC is now in my main machine. — The P500DK ended up in the trash in December 2008 as a result of moving.

My Acer AnyWare 386s' life began on February 14, 1992 (!) when it left a Taiwanese factory. It took some time to sell it to external link Charité (Berlin) in December 1992. In 1995 it returned from Charité, because it was too slow for their requirements. After replacing all battery cells and the hard disk drive its second life lasted from 1999 to 2002 when I used it as a mobile development machine. — Because the LCD cable is broken now and it's nearly impossible to get spare parts for that oldtimer any longer, I decided that it was time to buy a more modern laptop. — In December 2004 I tried to revive the AnyWare for some simple tasks, but found a broken RTC battery. :-( — In January 2008 I found a bad floppy disk drive and so it has been sold to another guy named "Robert". :-)

I found this nice light-weight Acer TravelMate 345T at Acer Germany's (usually) daily updated 'For sale' list. I think it was a really good buy at a fair price. :-) But for maximum performance I pushed the amount of memory from a single 64 Mbyte module to 2x 128 Mbyte Transcend modules and purchased a bigger and faster 30 Gbyte Fujitsu MHR2030AT HDD. (The original Hitachi DK23AA-60 was a little bit noisy and had a capacity of 6 Gbyte only.) — I've sold the 345T in September 2009, because I didn't use it anymore.

My computer books

No, I did not write books myself. ;-) But here is a list of computer books (mostly in German and for Turbo Pascal) I own.

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