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OB - Opponent Blaster

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OPPONENT BLASTER was created to speed-up the opponents in Brøderbund's Stunts, because they are too slow to challenge any human driver.

You want to make Bernie as fast as Skid? Then this program is for you!

OPPONENT BLASTER displays the speed values (in mph) of all 6 computer drivers currently used in the game, so they can be easily compared to each other.

OPPONENT BLASTER needs the uncrypted OPP?.RES files, that's why it works only with version 1.00 (dated October 05, 1990) of Stunts.


Screenshot #1: Opponent Blaster 1.03 with default values loaded.
Screenshot #1: Opponent Blaster 1.03 with default values loaded.

System requirements

  • IBM AT 286 and compatibles
  • 128K base memory
  • MS DOS version 3.00
  • Brøderbund's Stunts version 1.00 (OCT-05-90)

Version history

16-MAY-1998 (v1.03)

  • updated manual

09-APR-1998 (v1.02)

  • changed software label to BTTR Software
  • modified keyboard handler

21-JAN-1998 (v1.01)

  • slightly modified error handler

13-JAN-1998 (v1.00)

  • initial public release


Binary + Manual: (8.2 Kbytes)
Source code (Borland Turbo Pascal 6.x-7.x): n/a

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