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RA - Replay Analyzer

Copyright © 1997-1998 BTTR Software
[Under some external link postcardware license]


REPLAY ANALYZER evaluates your replay files from Brøderbund's Stunts or Mindscape's 4D Sports Driving.

It displays a statistic similar to this about your keypresses during a race, e.g. accelerate, brake, steer left, steer right, … So you can draw your conclusions about the driving style from these figures:

    REPLAY ANALYZER Version 1.01
    Copyright (C) 1997-1998 BTTR Software

    New replay file format detected.
    Compatible with Stunts (FEB-12-91) and 4D Sports Driving (FEB-25-91).

    Accelerate   687 times
    Brake        135 times
    Right         59 times
    Left         157 times
    Shift up       0 times
    Shift down     0 times

    <Nothing>     74 times
    <Unknown>      0 times

As you can see, the driver used the automatic shifting mode (Shift up/Shift down = 0) and the track seems to go counter-clockwise (Left > Right).

<Nothing> means that the driver took his/her hands from the keyboard 74 times and let the car just roll down the track.

<Unknown> should be zero all the time.

System requirements

  • IBM AT 286 and compatibles
  • 128K base memory
  • MS DOS version 3.00
  • Brøderbund's Stunts or Mindscape's 4D Sports Driving

Version history

18-MAY-1998 (v1.01)

  • changed some messages

16-MAY-1998 (v1.00)

  • initial public release


Binary + Manual: (8.0 Kbytes)
Source code (Borland Turbo Pascal 6.x-7.x): n/a

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