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In tradition of our products released earlier UPXDUMP is a small tool serving only one specific purpose. UPXDUMP is a replacement for the undocumented --file-info option in the free, high-performance executable packer external link UPX.

The main reason to write UPXDUMP was to show a file's compression method in human-readable manner.

And where UPX fails UPXDUMP can also handle malformed executables created by a broken DOS port of UPX 2.93.

UPXDUMP comes in two flavours:

  • A tiny 16-bit version (file dos16\upxdump.exe) suitable for computer systems prior to the 80386 microprocessor.
  • For newer systems there is a 32-bit version (file dos32\upxdump.exe), that additionally supports long file names.

Otherwise there are no functional differences between the two.

System requirements

For the 16-bit version

  • Intel 8086/88 microprocessor (or compatibles)
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 3.0 (or compatibles)

For the 32-bit version

  • Intel 80386 microprocessor (or compatibles)
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 3.0 (or compatibles)
  • 32-bit DPMI server (e.g. CWSDPMI)
  • optional: LFN API (e.g. DOSLFN) for long file name support

Version history


  • first public release


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Binaries + Manual: (46.4 Kbytes)
Source code (Turbo / Free Pascal): (15.0 Kbytes)

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