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DOSBox SVN with HXRT and HXGUI (Emulation)

posted by DosFreak(R), 17.05.2018, 23:06

I've updated my guides and builds so ignore the above:

Guide thread

Test Thread

I'm now offering mingw w/gcc 6.3.0 and mingw-w64 w/ gcc 7.x DOSBox builds that are compatible with NT3.51+ (recently figured out NT3.50 compatiblity so scroll down to the bottom of the vogons thread).

Recent improvements:
Removal of Active Desktop requirement for DOSBox compatibility with NT 3.50, NT3.51, 95 (without IE4), NT4 (without IE4)
Usage of SDL_net 1.2.9. Previously getlocaladdresses introduced IPHLPAPI dependency, this has been removed.
Usage of Winsock 1.1 for NT3.50, NT3.51 since they don't support Winsock 2
64bit build of DOSBox. Not recommended since only normal core can be used.
Usage of SDL 1.2.15 for NT3.50+ - Involved disabling fullscreen support for NT3.50, Fixing DirectInput for 9x, Disabling joystick and DX, Opengl support for NT 3.50 support
Identification of mouse issue with HX-DOS and DOSBox. Use SDL_Videodriver=Windib in DOS for a functioning mouse. Haven't included HX-DOS in the guide yet so scroll down in the vogons thread for HX-DOS otherwise DOSBox will be slow or not load properly.
Reviewed mingw and mingw-w64 guides and uploaded environments to Google Drive.


Complete thread:

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