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New links for DOS. (Announce)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 05.02.2019, 01:24

> It would be nice to have multiple KB key choices.

I agree ... it had been my intention from the start when I built this wheelk
to add alternate keys following up to popular demand but then again, nobody asked till KormaX posted in this thread :=)

We can make it happen now, tho: let's build a short list of the most useful key-pairs as used in popular DOS programmes that might sensibly be generated in response to wheel up/down actions.

> But more important would be to make it persistent after links loaded.

You wrote in antoher part of thread :
Rayer: ... when I load Wheelk from Links's DOS shell it does something after return back but instead of scroll it jumps over links on the viewed page. So it would need be configured for a different key scan code. . Quotation end.

Hence my understanding is : you found WheelK does work within Links, only the keycodes it currently generates are not those which you (and links) have been expecting. this will be remedied as soon as I am sure WHICH keys it wants. KormaX wrote 'p' and 'l' if i recmember clearly, is that so ?

Are you ALSO saying that Links will unactivate WheelK immediately, or after awhile, by recapturing the 'mouse user procedure' (MUP) ? And by the way, is DOS Links itself supposed to recognise Mouse (clicks, movements) natively, i.e. without Bret's Mousekey ? - If the Links browser, or any programme, doesn't know about a Mouse at all, then it is very unlikely it can block WheelK from working (or Mousekey for that matter).

Lastly, unrelated - I seem to remember I mailed a 'special wheelk' built just for you (not made public) - back then, for some machine of yours which did not have the int 16 function 5 'stuff keyboard buffer' available in its BIOS. Did it work OK on your HW ? It was you, right ? At 70 y.o. and counting, my wetware needs extra-refresh circuitry badly.



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