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Howto receive 4GB memory as one chunk, DPMI + Watcom C (Developers)

posted by alexfru(R), USA, 07.02.2019, 09:55

> I had develop software (text editor) and I want open very huge files. My
> problem is - dpmi hosts does not return memory as one chunk. So, watcom
> memory manager use memory only from one chunk (~64mb, with causeway
> extender - 220mb). How to received full memory as one chunk?
> My target - open 3-3.5gb text file. Now, I can open only little bit more
> 40mb :(
> May be somebody have any advise..

If the problem is in the standard library, you should try allocating memory directly either via DPMI functions or HIMEM.SYS (possibly, before the main .EXE, and then map it via DPMI).



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