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crossdjgppv1 - Cross compiling environment to DJGPP v1 (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 14.06.2019, 02:04

> > To whom it may concern:
> >
> > > Win32 hosted tools to cross compile to DJGPP v1 (go32) for MS-DOS. Now
> > > includes GCC 1.27 aka the first version available to support the i386
> > > processor.
> I didn't think many would care, although out of historical interest it's
> cool to me to be able to actually use the first version of GCC that
> supports the 386.

Yes, barely, although there's always too many projects going on, so I can only sympathize in spirit!

I'd personally be more interested in bootstrapping ancient GCC in raw DOS (which I've barely done before). You know, back when things were simpler. But DJGPP mostly never cared about that and only built atop (now defunct??) NTVDM, sadly. (And then you still have to worry about BinUtils, which?? 2.95?? Never found the time or energy.)

(Though, to state the obvious, SmallerC is very cool and bootstraps. Genius, I tell you! Somebody should port Doom to that! Hey, it can't be any harder than DelphiDoom!)

> I made some further updates to DooM to allow better use of the ASM code
> from fragments I found elsewhere online to build using only version 1.27
> just git clone the individual project.
> If I had more time/effort I'd love to figure out using 32bit opcodes in
> long mode, and some kind of basic thunking library to push 1.27 into
> Win64...

Not sure it'll help, but take a look at fasm as 64-bit ELF executable.


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