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Links to fine DOS software

Over the years we have collected a lot of links to fine DOS software we use regularly and so would like to share with you. This page is intended for advanced users and software developers. So if you are looking for end-user applications like word processors, image manipulation software, sound players, etc., we recommend visiting external link Interesting DOS programs by Dev Anand Teelucksingh and Short.Stop's Edition of Free Software for DOS by Steve Adelewitz (R.I.P.) based on the original pages by Richard L. Green. Richard continues this work on external link

Many more interesting development tools, e.g., assemblers, compilers, debuggers, interpreters or linkers for various programming languages can be found at external link Dmitry Smaghin's site.

Note: List items marked with a floppy icon (floppy) link to a file directly (= "deep link").


Antivirus software

Assemblers, compilers



Drivers, TSRs

  • CuteMouse Lightweight mouse driver by Nagy Daniel, Arkady V. Belousov
  • DEVLOAD Command-line device driver loader by David Woodhouse
  • DEVLOAD updated version by Eric Auer (AuerSoft)
  • Display Doctor/UNIVBE VESA video drivers by SciTech Software
  • DOSLFN Long file name support by Henrik Haftmann
  • DOSLFN updated version by Jason Hood
  • DosUHCI/DosUSB USB host controller driver by Georg Potthast
  • DPMIONE DPMI 1.0 host by Bob Smith (Qualitas)
  • DUSE 4.9, download "" directly 4.4, download "" directly 4.2 USB mass storage driver by Cypress Semiconductor
  • EXTCD IDE/USB/1394 DMA CD-ROM device driver by Dell
  • FreeDOS EMM386/HIMEM64 EMM386.EXE, HIMEM.SYS replacement by Harald Albrecht, Thomas Glöckler, Till Gerken, Tom Ehlert, Michael Devore
  • HimemX tiny HIMEM.SYS replacement by Andreas 'Japheth' Grech (based on FreeDOS HIMEM)
  • Jemm386/JemmEx tiny EMM386.EXE replacement by Andreas 'Japheth' Grech (based on FreeDOS EMM386)
  • keybgr tiny German keyboard driver by Andreas 'Japheth' Grech
  • KEYBW tiny German keyboard driver by Horst Schäffer
  • Motto Hairu USB mass storage driver by NOVAC, Workbit
  • SHSUCDX MSCDEX replacement by John H. McCoy
  • SHSUCDX updated version by Jason Hood
  • SHSUCDX updated version by Jack R. Ellis
  • SRDISK ReSizeable RAM disk for EMS/XMS by Marko Kohtala
  • UMBPCI Upper memory manager by German c't magazine, Uwe Sieber
  • USBASPI 2.27, 2.20, 2.15, 2.06, 2.00, 1.07 USB ASPI manager by Panasonic
  • USBDOS DOS USB drivers by Bret Johnson
  • VIDE-CDD ATAPI CD-ROM device driver by Acer Peripherals, BenQ
  • XMGR, UIDE latest driver generation by Jack R. Ellis

Emulation, Virtualization

File compressors

File managers

Hex editors

  • BEYE by Nick Kurshev
  • HexIt by Mikael Klasson
  • download "" directly HIEW by Eugene Suslikov


  • ALINK by Anthony A.J. Williams
  • Freelink (mirror) by hyperkinetix, Michael Devore (Devore Software & Consulting)
  • QLINK by Bob Smith (Qualitas, Sudley Place Software)
  • VAL '95 by David Troendle, David F. Dunfield (Dunfield Development Services)
  • VAL '99 (OoCities archive) patch to VAL '95 by Pavel Podvoiski
  • VALX by David Troendle, David Lindauer (LadSoft)
  • WarpLink by hyperkinetix, Michael Devore (Devore Software & Consulting)


Operating systems

Programming information

Programming libraries

Software archives

System information, benchmarks

Text editors, IDEs

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