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Font editor Kasmar - new version 2.0 (Announce)

posted by Laaca(R) Homepage, Czech republic, 16.09.2018, 01:16

In the past I announced here releases of my text editor Blocek. Maybe you were aware and maybe not but there was also an included utility Kasmar. It is a unicode font editor.
In previous releases it was rather a toy but now is it much more powerful program. The question is why to bother for such meaningless specialised software. You are probably right however:
- it is a nice GUI program for DOS (there is only very few DOS GUI programss today)
- it is not just utility but program for creation (also not so common in DOS today)
Current version is 2.0
Compilation date: 15.September 2018

Kašmár version history:
* program is internaly greatly reworked
+ can open up to four files simultaneously (previous versions were able to open only one file)
+ block operations: now you can do most operations in block mode - with many chars at the same time
+ you can copy block of chars between opened files
+ can import and export VGA font files using ASCII/unicode conversion filters
+ can import font from VGA hardware
+ more functions in the painting grid
+ more possibilities with glyph width settings + better and easier to understand control of the program
- fixed some graphical glitches when compiled with Freepascal 3.0.2

Download here:



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