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7-Zip (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 07.11.2009, 17:24

> > Has 7-Zip really had any changes lately? (p7zip hasn't) It seems like
> very
> > little. But nevertheless still cool. I did update my compiles of
> > 7zdec, though, to
> 9.07
> YES it did, there were notable enhancements to the
> LZMA SDK, bloat increased from 1'948'160 to 2'478'592 Bytes :-), there are
> code rearrangements, 7zr got merged in, and last but not least
> XZ format got supported (no test no use ???)

I never tested XZ yet, no huge need on my end. Also, didn't take too close a look at the LZMA SDK (and UPX still uses old 4.43, dunno why, although I did find 4.48 to be slower and worse compression, so there must be some issues with newer versions).

> as well as
> LZMA2 algo, and it seems to work in your 7ZDECWAT (4.65
> "7za" rejects it).

Right, I'm aware that LZMA2 has some minor? benefits, but yeah, it's incompatible with older 7-Zips, and it doesn't even always compress as well (or very very little improvement), so it's still beta.

FYI, 7ZDECWAT is the smallest, and it's a self-contained all-in-one .EXE, but it doesn't support LFNs. Just be aware of that limitation. (The DJGPPv2 version is 46k, which is only 8k bigger, but I had to tweak a lot to get that small. And it's also self-contained and supports LFNs, if you need it.)

P.S. The default p7zip sfx for DOS is pretty big (475k in my compile of 4.65), which is kinda silly. Not so useful on small files (negates any savings). It would probably be smaller / easier to just use LHA sfx (.EXE adds only 3k) and the telop "!" file with a 7zdec bundled to unpack the "real" .7z file inside.

> Still, 9.07 is a beta only and the disk image
> support is only present in the very full DLL-based version. :-)

Yes, I know it's beta, but worse is that p7zip 9.04 is the latest and doesn't even really compile easily (well, my silly hack doesn't work anymore, haven't looked too closely, don't really grok C++, so it doesn't work in FreeDOS out-of-the-box). At least we have HX + 7ZA (although 4.65 is probably "good enough" for most DOS users).


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