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Game Engine Black Books and Code Reviews by Fabien Sanglard (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 14.06.2019, 03:29

> Books DOOM and WOLF are freely available ("Gift what you want") in PDF
> format from

I've briefly seen his site once or twice, don't remember when. Very smart guy, very interesting. It's good to see "classic" software getting appreciation.

But one quote he shared (which presumably he disagrees with) is from Patterson and Hennessy: "The x86 is an architecture that is difficult to explain and impossible to love."

"Impossible to love"?? This kind of attitude I don't understand. Certainly with the right memory model (tiny or small), it's easy enough. Certainly with the right tools (Turbo Pascal or QBASIC or A86/D86), you can do a lot of cool things. Make it work! It's one thing if you don't have time, energy, skill, or motivation. But otherwise it irks me when people seemingly refuse to make something work because of flawed ideological or purist reasoning. But hey, I have to be sympathetic, I love DOS (FreeDOS turns 25).

I'm not denying flaws or difficulties. Those two men were RISC pioneers (and 2017 Turing Award winners), influencing many others (Knuth, Wirth), and RISC-V is very popular and gaining lots of ground these days. Ultra-modern AMD64-capable machines are certainly too complex (AVX-512? Ugh!). Even I have to admit that legacy compatibility can sometimes be too much work for too little gain.

BTW, our beloved freeware Turbo Pascal 5.5 just turned 30 last month. And the 8086 turned 40 last year. I recently found a cool game called Bloxinies (with TP source).

I also recently updated my sed scripts / .BATs for PSR Invaders (assembly, no longer tied only to MASM/TASM). It's simple 8086 code, tiny model, VGA. Honestly, I want to ultimately rewrite it with TP for (also) CGA. And later I want to port minised to TP. Should be easy (famous last words)!


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