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Game Engine Black Books and Code Reviews by Fabien Sanglard (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 19.06.2019, 01:14

> 1) I would still like to see FOSS version of Turbo Pascal. Or something
> compatible, that takes less then 1 MB on disk.

Be careful! You might make a wild MarcoV appear! :-P :-D

What exactly do you miss that you can't find in existing solutions? I somewhat know what you mean, but then again, we already have dozens of tools (of varying quality). TP is good and unique but not that unique or irreplaceable!

Small compilers? SmallerC! Or various others: XDP, XPL0, Context/DOS, FASMD (if you direly miss TP's IDE), my EZGCC2 (one floppy, 7z-compressed), Persistent S-algol (uses old A86 3.x), etc. etc. etc.

> 2) There also exists Bloxinies II.

Yes, which is also cool but different (VGA). I miss the idea of supporting various hardware for extreme compatibility.

> > I want to port minised to TP. Should be easy (famous last words)!
> Why TP, when it already exists written in another language?

I think it would be an interesting comparison. But I admit there is no super-obvious advantage. Still, who knows if it would be easier to speed up or fix bugs.


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