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Game Engine Black Books and Code Reviews by Fabien Sanglard (Announce)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 16.06.2019, 17:31

> BTW, our beloved freeware
> Turbo Pascal 5.5 just
> turned 30 last month. And the
> 8086 turned 40 last
> year. I recently found a cool game called
> Bloxinies (with TP
> source).

1) I would still like to see FOSS version of Turbo Pascal. Or something compatible, that takes less then 1 MB on disk.
2) There also exists]

> I also recently updated my sed scripts / .BATs for
> Invaders (assembly, no longer tied only to MASM/TASM). It's simple
> 8086 code, tiny model, VGA. Honestly, I want to ultimately rewrite it with
> TP for (also) CGA. And later I want to port
> minised to TP. Should
> be easy (famous last words)!

Why TP, when it already exists written in another language?


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