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small DOS (Pascal-y) compilers, A86 3.x, ZDIR (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 20.07.2019, 17:10
(edited by Rugxulo on 20.07.2019, 18:11)

> ... Persistent S-algol (uses old A86 3.x) ...

While I did download that years ago, I've never tried this compiler before, and I'm not sure it's even complete or workable. At least, a quick look didn't see any obvious way to use it properly. :confused: It's quite a mess. It's dated from 2001 (by Vector Pascal dude), but some copyrights are 1986 and 1989. Part of it was apparently written in Turbo Pascal, but it must also use (or have used) old A86 3.12 (circa 1988). Meh.

Since you mentioned ZDIR, I did track down A86 3.22 (circa 1990). I guess you've seen my very small, simple ZDIR patch (so you can now use latest A86 4.05 circa 2000). All that was needed was to add "byte" override to those four errors. For laughs, I did write a separate (unpublished) script for PSR Invaders targeting 3.22. It's apparently a much more limited assembler, though, so I don't recommend using it if you have a choice. 3.12 is actually even more limited! Just to state the obvious, I could write a generic script targeting all such A86 versions or a more elegant, simpler script only targeting latest 4.05. It's not that bad, but still, it feels strange worrying about something no one will literally ever use (hopefully). Hey, I'm sympathetic, but I don't know of any concrete reason to ever use A86 3.x anymore! The 4.x series (roughly) began in 1994, so I understand ZDIR was probably written before that.

Oh, BTW, while I've not been in contact with him, ZDIR did update his Git in February with (incomplete?) sources to ZDIRCFG (TASM/TLINK, apparently). I've not studied it closely, but it feels overkill just to have a menu-based config program when all you need is to (probably) edit a few hex bytes (via debug script??).


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