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Multi Kernel bootdisk (Miscellaneous)

posted by nico7550(R), 10.09.2018, 23:54


I'm Nico and this is my first post, I would like to share one of my personal project, a multi kernel boot disk, with 15 kernels. Tested with 86BOX.

- LZ-DOS 7.1
- PC-DOS 7.1
- MS-DOS 8.0
- PTS-DOS 7.1
- ROM-DOS 7.1
- Novell DOS 7.01
- MS-DOS 7.1
- DR-DOS 8.1
- OPENDOS 7.01
- EDR-DOS 7.01
- MS-DOS 7.0
- WMAT-DOS 9.0
- DR-DOS 7.03
- MS-DOS 6.22

All credits goes to the people who made the tools, I deserve nothing, I just arrange things together.

I made it for the pleasure of putting the maximum of things on a single floppy disk and achieve maximum memory...

NFO file with full explanation:

Archive with 2 bootdisks and a HDD image (all of them with related NFO files):
[edited by moderator]

Special credit to Japheth for JEMMEX, from my point of view, the best all around memory manager.

I'm looking for a RxDOS 7.2 bootdisk with some explanation about the settings to use of another interpreter.



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