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Multi Kernel bootdisk - RxDOS status (Miscellaneous)

posted by nico7550(R), 14.09.2018, 12:50

> > Thanks for the tips about the files order and the disk label, it solve
> my
> > PC-DOS problem and allow me to free 60kb on my bootdisk (exit RAWRITE2,
> I don't understand.
Sorry, a few days ago, I ask you about the fact that I didn't manage to boot a manually create RxDOS disk by injecting myself the boot sector. I add the same problem with PC-DOS, your suggestion about the files order and unlabeled disk apply to it too.
Before that, when I wanted to switch to PC-DOS kernel, I use IMGCPY in a ramdisk to build a new image and then RAWRITE2 to write it. Now, I just move my file in a ramdisk, quick format the disk and copy the files in the right order.


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