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Multi Kernel bootdisk (Miscellaneous)

posted by nico7550(R), 13.09.2018, 23:24

> But ... you could focus on writing about one or two prominent shareable
> kernels (e.g. FreeDOS and EDR-DOS), at first. That's what I would do. ;-)
Sorry, even if I admire those who code in ASM, it's far beyond my knowledge, I can only code in C#, and I have only a good level in KSH and BATCH...

> > EDR-DOS 7.01, last stable ?
> > I pretty sure it is, I try to use the latest file (using file date if I
> > cannot find more information)
> Check the
> WayBack
> Archive, "Latest stable" was apparently 2005 with "WIP" in 2011.
I use the same URL to grab the files I use, so it's the WIP version...

You know what, I'm really happy to be able to discuss about DOS with peoples who care about it, I was sad to turn around alone :-)


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