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Multi Kernel bootdisk - RxDOS status (Miscellaneous)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 12.09.2018, 17:55

> Waiting this, I try to build a 7.22 bootdisk with the batch tool but the
> resulted disk freeze at boot (86Box/Award 430VX/Pentium 233MMX/32Mo)...
> Starting RxDOS...
> init: Loading shell "RXCMD.exe" arguments: ""

I don't know why this happens, but I won't spend any effort on trying to debug an outdated release. If you want to continue, you should use the most recent revision from the repo.

> Another point, RxD_BOOT.COM seems to do a bit more than only changing the
> boot sector, can you give me some details ? I ever got this type of problem
> with PC-DOS.
> I ask because if I export the boot sector from a fresh build boot disk and
> inject it manually in a blank disk then adding RxBIO.SYS, RxCMD.EXE and
> RxDOS.SYS, I only got "Not an RxDOS system disk or disk error"...

As shown in RxBOOT.ASM line 135, the old boot sector required RxBIO.SYS as the very first directory entry and RxDOS.SYS as the second one. That means there must not be any volume labels, and also no LFN entries either [so strictly it is RXBIO.SYS and RXDOS.SYS, note the capital X]. And when copying the files, you have to copy RXBIO.SYS first and RXDOS.SYS second.

The more recent ldosboot loaders [and bootable lDebug's "boot protocol=RxDOS.2" command, which is compatible] will find RxDOS.COM in any directory entry within the root directory. You can use instsect (also hosted in my bitbucket) to install ldosboot's loaders into FAT12 and FAT16 partitions. [It doesn't support the FAT32 loader yet.]



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