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Multi Kernel bootdisk (Miscellaneous)

posted by nico7550(R), 11.09.2018, 08:47

Hi Rugxulo,

thanks for your reply and your care.

Here are my answers:

< Manual instructions or patches are probably wiser than full download.
>With 15 kernels, the instructions will be far more longer than the actual NFO and nobody will follow them until the end, it take me some weeks to manage to have something working and I lost many days of personal life doing it.

PC-DOS 7.1, it's the latest one available from IBM repository (see NFO for link).

MS-DOS 8.0, From Windows ME, from a premade bootdisk

PTS-DOS 7.1, it's from the demo disk I found

FREEDOS 1.2, Kernel 2042, yes, latest kernel available

OPENDOS 7.01 the same as Novell 7.01 ?
Mostly but as the memory result are not the same, I assume there is some differences.

EDR-DOS 7.01, last stable ?
I pretty sure it is, I try to use the latest file (using file date if I cannot find more information)

MS-DOS 7.0, is there much difference between 7.0 and 7.1?
>As the memory result are not the same, I assume there is some differences.

> I don't think linking to such software is okay
> Sorry, people interest may still ask me a link for personal use.

>I still need to update my MetaDOS
<I'm interest with your metados, in any state it is, if it can boot and use 4DOS as interpreter :-)

NFO file, why PNG?, Because it allow people to read it online without downloading it

> Special credit to Japheth for JEMMEX, from my point of view, the best all
> around memory manager.
<Have you seen the latest prerelease? There's at least one FreeDOS developer who still has an active interest in such things, but he doesn't frequent the forum here. Feel free to discuss it here (in another topic) or on freedos-devel or freedos-user or wherever.

>The latest is include in the 8.4 release, I hope he will not be upset of it, but from my point of view and it's only mine, things must be use or they will fade in time and vanish.

> I'm looking for a RxDOS 7.2 bootdisk with some explanation about the
> settings to use of another interpreter.
<cm is the resident RxDOS expert, but I don't know if even he considers his fork stable yet (if ever). Consensus mostly seems to be that it's always been too buggy for average use.

>As I said, the boot disk is mostly for memory comparison, stability wasn't my purpose, and I ask because I didn't manage to have a 6.2 working disk...

Anyway, thanks for all your comments and to preserve the copyright.



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